Jete Ballerina Silver Brooch Large


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Silver Ballet Dance Jewelry

Jete Ballerina Sterling Silver Brooch – Large

Ballet, Modern Dance

The full splits in mid-air of the Grand Jete make the Ballerina appear to floating effortlessly in flight !

Large Jete Brooch

Sterling Silver 925 Fine

A long horizontal jump, starting from one leg and landing on the other. Known as a split in the air. It is most often done forward and usually involves doing full leg splits in mid-air. It consists basically of a grand écart with a moving jump. The front leg brushes straight into the air, as opposed to performing dévelopé or “unfolding” motion. The back leg follows making the splits in the air. It can be performed en avant (forward), à la seconde (to the side), en arrière (backward), and en tournant (turning en dedans).The dancer must remember to hit the fullest split at the height of the jump, with weight pushed slightly forward, giving the dancer a gliding appearance.

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