Arabesque Ballerina Silver Pendant Medium

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Create a stunning statement with exquisite classic elegance.

NOTE: Special Sale Pendant comes on Black Silk Cord !

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Silver Ballet Dance Arabesque Medium Pendant

Special Sale Pendant – on Black Silk Cord 

Classic Arabesque Pose in Sterling Silver 925 fine

Intended for adults age 13 and up

One of the basic poses in ballet, arabesque takes its name from a form of Moorish ornament.

Arabesque is a body position in which a dancer stands on one leg (the supporting leg) with the other leg (the working leg) turned out and extended behind the body, with both legs held straight. In classical ballet, an arabesque can be executed with the supporting leg en pointe or demi pointe or with foot flat on the floor.

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Weight 11 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 2.7 in

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