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The holidays are a  wonderful time!  Family, friends, a warm fire in the fireplace … and best of all …

The Nutcracker!   The Joy, the Wonder, the Beauty !  The Nutcracker was the first (and only!) ballet I saw as a child – not until many years later did I enjoy Swan Lake and other classics.  So The Nutcracker holds a special place in my heart – whenever I see it, it takes me back and makes me feel young and joyful.  

I cried at my first (and only!) ballet lesson … it took many many years before I discovered that I could dance, and find the feeling of freedom, expression and joy that I am so grateful for. 

Take your family and embrace the wonder, music and dance!  

And most of all, encourage the youthful dancer inside us all to dance with all your heart !


ballet time!

              ballet time!

So many forms of dance and expression!

One of my favorite dance passions is ballroom.  I am dancing rumba to ‘Y Por Mas’ with Arkadiy Polezhaev at The Diamond Classic earlier this year.


Follow your heart, live your true life!




Soulful Nuggets …

I’m so honored to called a ‘soul sister’ by Dr. Dee.  My jewelry has let us to cross paths, exchange thoughts, words and soulful nuggets.  You know you are on the right path when beautiful exchanges as these occur.  Thank you Dr. Dee!

“Our dancer daughter, Melanie, a young woman of beauty and grace, a joy bringer, died at the age of seventeen.  To commemorate her birthday, family members gifted me with a pendant and earrings created by talented artist Cynthia Woong.  Captivated by the graceful wearable art, putting it on became a daily ritual.  Cynthia, thank you for sharing your God endowed creativity and artistic ability to bring healing to others.  I too advocate using the arts as medicine for healing the heart in my loss and grief ministry and practice.”  Dr. Delores “Dee” Gulledge 


Essence of Joy …

View my Yoga Collection at Gioia Boutique in San Anselmo.  The essence of Yoga / Dance wear when Down Dogging, Plie-ing, or gyrating your hips, it all moves and breathes with you.  The owner Joy, is in fact the essence of joy!



State of the Art …. State of Awareness

Step into Samyama Yoga in Palo Alto, and you begin your steps towards knowing-ness.  A beautiful, state of the art setting for the practice of yoga.



About our models …

Megan and her daughter Kylie are our featured models.  Megan, 27, is a professional who has appeared in a number of national magazines.  Kylie, 7, has inherited her mother’s good looks and posing talent!  Megan can be contacted on fiverr at megankiss.



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