Q:  What age range are the necklaces suited for?
A:   Cynthia Woong Sterling Silver necklaces are not intended for Children age 12 and under, except for the ‘Jewelry for Youth’ items which are identified as  ‘Intended For Younger Dancers age 8 and up’.

Sterling Silver

Q: Is Cynthia Woong Sterling Silver plated?
A: No, Cynthia Woong Sterling Silver is solid Sterling Silver, 925 fine.

Q: Does Cynthia Woong Sterling Silver contain Nickel?
A: No, Cynthia Woong Sterling Silver is Nickel free, Copper is used to alloy the Silver.

Q: What is the best way to clean & care for Silver Jewelry?
A: See the  Sterling Silver Care  page.


Cynthia Woong

Q: Do you Dance?  Do you do Ballet?   What is your favorite form of dance?
A: Yes, I dance (as much as I have time for!).  Dance makes my heart sing!  Ballet is definitely the basis.  I’ve ‘dipped my toes’ in many forms, and am presently having fun with Latin and Rhythm.

Q: How long does it take to create a piece?
A: A lifetime!  My unique artistry comes from a lifetime of honing my skills combined with my passion for dance. It all comes together when the form emerges from the clay.

Q: How do you pronounce ‘Woong’ ?
A: Like ‘moon’ with a ‘W’ 
instead of an ‘m’.


Q: Where Cynthia Woong Sterling Silver made ?
A. Each original design is exquisitely hand sculpted by Cynthia Woong in California.  Each piece is hand cast and hand polished with skills handed down through generations, by expert native silver artisans in Taxco, Mexico, to bring out the beauty of Cynthia’s designs.

Q: Do you make custom pieces?

A: Custom pieces are available, please contact Cynthia Woong for further details.

Q: Do you offer volume discounts for Ballet Schools, Dance Teams, etc.?
A: Yes, volume discounts are available – see ‘Wholesaler/Retailers”


Q: What Shipping options do you offer?
A: Presently USPS Priority is the only shipping option for US addresses, typical delivery is 1-3 days.

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